Color White

Creating large-format images is the ideal way for me to communicate with our environment.
Over the years, the desire for simplicity and reduction for my imagery arose. Now it is less reduction, but rather how much I allow in a picture. A need for silence and emptiness led me to the color white as the basis of my artistic work. Like a piece of white paper that can only be filled with the essentials and brought to life, white proved to be an ideal base.

Is white a color? This question can not be answered clearly. When the colored light of the spectral colors is mixed in equal parts, white light is obtained. In the world of fabrics, white is the result that robs the colors of all pigments. So white contains a balance. Creation and transience. When we look at a white area, it does not seem tangible and we can at best feel white. With the desire to fill it, white awakens in us feelings of purity, balance, and the desire for perfection.

White as such does not exist. White is not white. Only in contrast to the color is white. White has the potential to evolve into any color. In nature, no color exists isolated or independent. Color changes due to fine light gradations. Explaining colors leads far beyond explainable physical phenomena. White is particularly suitable for emphasizing the materiality of a color carrier. The perception of the materiality of an object controls all of our senses and feelings into an overall picture of our own experiences and cultural aspects.